The Essential Baking Tools List For Beginners

baking tools list

Here are a few questions to consider when going about your baking tools: do you still have any sponges, scrappers, and trays? Do any of your disposable tools need replacing anytime soon? Do any of your baking tools require upgrading? What did you bake last time that you baked using a specific tool?

A very important part of a baking tools list is your cooling racks. Your cooling racks will help maintain your cookies’ original temperature. There is nothing more frustrating than having delicious cookies and not being able to eat them because they are too cold! In addition, if your cooling racks are not lined with wax paper, your cookies may not be fully cooled, thus giving them a crisp appearance.

Baking Tools List

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Let’s look at a few other items on your baking tools list. First, what type of cutting tools do you currently have? Are you using a serrated knife, cookie cutters, or a non-stick mat? These are all excellent choices and will ensure your cookies come out perfectly cooked and shiny. If you have these tools but no cutting utensils, you will want to purchase a set of thin-blade spatulas and a cookie sheet. Not only will it save you from the misery of scraping your cookies with a knife, but you will cut all your necessary ingredients into your cookie cutter.

Loaf Pan And Loaf Rack

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If you have a loaf pan and a loaf rack, you are in for a treat! You can easily prepare multiple loaves of bread in one single loaf pan. It really couldn’t get easier! Here is a simple guide to preparing multiple loaves of bread in a single pan: Heat up the oven and preheat your loaf pan, place a piece of wax paper on the loaf pan’s underside, then line up your baking soda (or flour, if you wish to use a different flour), salt, and baking powder on the wax paper and spread it evenly to the entire surface of the loaf pan.

Silicon Bowl

Now it’s time to mix and knead your batter. I like to use the silicone bowl of my KitchenAid stand mixer, which makes quick work of mixing your batter. Once your mixture is completely blended, it’s ready for its baking supplies. I prefer to use a separate mixing paddle than an electric mixer, as I find a hard rubber grip more comfortable. Once the cookie sheets are ready, all you have to do is pour your mixture into your lined cookie pans and wait for it to set up.


Baking is about more than just throwing together your ingredients and baking them up in your oven. If you make the mistake of skipping this step, your results won’t be as perfect as desired. To ensure your dough comes out perfect, it’s imperative that you have a quality pastry bag with you to handle the dough while you bake. Having a quality pastry bag with you will also help you clean up your baking tools after each use.

Measuring Cups And Spoons

Next, come to the measuring cups and spoons. Your baking material should include a good selection of measuring cups and spoons to help you measure the ingredients and cook your recipes perfectly. A standard measuring cup should be able to handle the weight of about one cup of all-purpose flour. If you want to use frozen or measured foods, you should include those items in your list of baking supplies. The best way to cook most recipes with these is to use a microwave.

Bottom Line

When it comes to baking tools, there are literally dozens of items listed under “baking tools.” However, there are only a few essentials listed here. If you have a microwave and a quality microwave basket, you already have many of the essential baking tools you’ll need for cooking. The rest you can buy as you go once you master the techniques involved in baking. For example, a quality wooden rolling pin makes rolling out biscuits a cinch. Once you learn the techniques involved, you’ll know exactly what kind of a skilled chef you can become.

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