The Best Acrylic Cupcake Stands To Buy In 2020

If you are a baker, then you must see this list of the best 3 tiers cupcake stands. Cupcakes look best when displayed on stands. You might be presenting them on trays all this while. They also look good on a tray, but a 3-tiered stand gives you more options to display your cupcakes according to colors, themes or decorations. Moreover, cupcake stands take less space than a huge tray and they also enhance your party décor in a better way.

The Best Acrylic Cupcake Stands To Buy In 2020
The Best Acrylic Cupcake Stands To Buy In 2020

List Of The Best 3 Tiers Cupcake Stands In 2020

Wilton Mickey Mouse Cupcake Stand

This beautiful stand has a lovely mickey mouse design. It looks colorful and appealing. It is perfect for kid’s birthday parties. This 3-tier cupcake stand is 11.75 inches wide and 1.25 feet high. It has a lot of space for storing cupcakes. It can contain a maximum of 24 muffins or cupcakes. You can easily arrange your cupcakes on this stand without any mess.

Jusalpha 4 Tier Square Acrylic Cupcake Tower Stand

Perfect for elegant and professional displays, this huge cupcake stand is made from food-grade acrylic material. It contains 4 tiers in ascending order and hence you have a lot of space to present, display or store your goodies. This one does not have any theme and so, it can be used for any themed party. You also get a free tote bag along with the stand which enables easy transportation of the stand. You can store around 38-48 cupcakes of around 3-inches on this stand. You can also remove the rod provided at the bottom if you feel it is too large. Moreover, it is made of a very clear and perfectly polished material.

Unique Industries Light Pink Cardboard Cupcake Stand

This cardboard cupcake stand is more durable than it looks. Affordable and perfect for themed birthday parties, this one will not burn a hole in your pocket. It is lightweight, portable and also very simple. The pink color makes it perfect for baby showers and birthday parties. It can contain 24 mini-cupcakes and 18 regular sized ones. It is 11.5 inches wide and 13 inches tall. You will need to assemble it. You get three tiers of different sizes in this product. Each tier is around 4 inches apart from the other enabling you to display your cakes without messing.

YestBuy 4 Tier Maypole Square Acrylic Cupcake Display Stand

This cupcake stand has a very beautiful structure. It contains four different tiers made from acrylic. It can be assembled easily. You can store a large number of cupcakes on this one. It is a very stable stand. It can store up to 12 pounds of dessert and is also very flexible. You can also use this stand for storing or displaying other kinds of desserts.

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3 Tiers Acrylic Cupcake Stand

Display and serve your cupcakes in a more stylish way using this 3-tier Acrylic Cupcake Stand. This product is best for Christmas, weddings, birthday parties and other events. This one is a clear colored stand made of Acrylic. It measures 40 x 16 x 20 cm. So hurry up and place your online orders today!

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