Sure Shot Cake Baking Tips

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There are certain tips and tricks that help you make your baked goods better. Just like cooking, baking is an art, but this art is at a higher level. Baking solely depends upon the right measurements, precise temperatures, right consistencies, and many other factors. If you want to bake your goods to perfection, then there are certain things you need to do to make them taste better. Scroll down below for the ultimate baking tips to make your baked goods better. 

If your are baking in a convection oven, you need to know that convection settings are different than a regular Oven. Convection ovens are not like proper OTGs. They have a dual feature of a microwave and an oven. It is best to use low-sided baking trays or pans for best results. Also, make it a point to lower the temperature by 25 degrees for best results. Check food frequently towards the end of cooking. Don’t crowd the oven. Place only one item at a time to let it bake perfectly. Placing too many together disturbs the heating function and results in uneven baking results. It may also take more time to get to the final result if you place too many items at once.

Right Temperature Of The Ingredients

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Often we only check the temperature of the oven while baking. But you also need to check the temperature of each ingredient while baking. Certain ingredients like butter are required chilled in certain recipes, while some other recipes require eggs at room temperature. Using cold eggs, right from the fridge in batters, transfers the coolness to the other ingredients, thereby differing in the final outcome. 

Try Using Buttermilk As A Substitute

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If you want a soft cake, you should try using a little buttermilk in the batter. The high acidic content in the buttermilk makes the cake soft. Buttermilk also breaks down the gluten in the flour, thereby giving a very spongy texture. Whenever you use buttermilk, be mindful of using baking soda along with it, as the two give very good results.

Fold your Flour Properly

Some people believe that mixing the batter vigorously will incorporate a lot of air in the batter. But in reality, the right technique is to fold the batter. You should make the shape ‘8’ when mixing the batter. This has to be done slowly, to get the right consistency. If you over-mix the batter,  you might get a lot of air bubbles, which will give you a very hard cake or outer crust.

Do Not Omit The Sifting Process

For all your baked goodies requiring flour, always sift the flour in a vessel before adding the wet ingredients. You can also sift the baking soda, baking powder, salt or sugar along with the flour while sifting to get a thoroughly blended flour. Sifting is commonly done only for cake batters, but you should do it for the dough of crusts and pies too.

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