Some important pro tips for cake baking- Problems and Solutions

cake baking problems and solutions

As we all know, baking dont always go as planned. People face a lot of problems sometimes while baking a cake. Sometimes when you want to make a fluffy cake you end up making something stiff and block-like which does not resemble a cake at all, or sometimes your cake looks perfect after being baked with the golden brown colour but as you cut it you realize it’s not baked from the middle. Therefore you do not need to worry about this, we are here to help you out in such situations with some handy solutions.

Let’s go through some cake making mistakes which most of us do. 

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Too Thick-

Sometimes it may happen the cake which you baked might turn out to be too dense or thick this is due to the fact that the batter of the cake did not get enough air.


  • Beat the batter for a long time before you keep it for baking.
  • You need to get some good leavener which can lock the air in the container during the baking process.
  • You should use flour in perfect proportions and flour which has less gluten.
  • You should always preheat your oven 20 minutes before baking.

Overflow of cakes-

Sometimes you can find that your cake batter overflows from the container in which you have placed it to get baked.


A good and simple  solution for this problem is you should always put only half of the batter for baking in one go.

Collapsed Cake-

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Sometimes many people find that when they take out the cake from the oven it looks perfect and fluffy. But as they leave it to cool down after sometime they find it sunken in the middle.


  • Sunken cakes occur due to the reason that they are not baked properly. Before taking it out from the oven use a toothpick to check whether it is fully baked or not.
  • Set your oven temperatures consistently. Do not open or close your oven while your cake is being baked frequently.
  • Use egg and flour in perfect proportions so that your cake has a supporting structure.

Sticking problem-

You must have experienced that the cake sometimes sticks to the pan at the time of removing it from the pan even if it looks perfectly baked.


  • Grease and flour your cake pan perfectly before pouring the batter in it.
  • You should place parchment paper in the middle of the pan.
  •  To remove the already stuck cake from the pan, keep it for a few minutes in the oven. The heat will help it to loosen and ultimately you will be able to remove it.

Wrapping up

There are other cake baking problems as well. Stay connected for getting the latest update for getting help. Some of the exciting solutions and tips for baking will make the process easier and fun. 

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