Most-Needed Tools for Baking Cupcakes

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Baking can be a loads of fun and deeply satisfying only if you have the right tools with you. As your cupcake recipe needs to be perfect for baking, so do your tools. Here is a list of the best and most-needed tools for baking cupcakes.

Cake Leveler

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As the name suggests, this tool helps you cut your cake in equal layers for a better and uniform look. Often you tend to cut uneven slices or layers of your cake, which further look untidy when you frost them. A cake leveler is a unique tool that comes with strings or sharp wires that cut your cake into equal levels.

Bench Scrapers

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Bench scrapers are useful tools for icing cakes as they help to smoothen the icing and also help in preparing fondant pieces. It is an essential tool for cake decorations.

Cup Cake Baking Pans/Cups/Molds

You will be needing baking pans in various materials to put your batter in the oven to bake. You will be needing 2 or 3 sizes and shapes of cake tin, a bread loaf, muffin tray and such other baking pans. Every vessel is not oven-proof and you need to invest in particular baking pans.

Measuring Tools

Baking is all about precision and perfection. Slight proportions here or there can result in your caking turning out bad. Measuring spoons and measuring cups ensure that you add up your wet and dry ingredients exactly as mentioned in the recipes. These cups and spoons are numbered in grams, milliliters, kgs, and ounces. Measuring spoons come in a set of 1/4th teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ tablespoon, and 1 tablespoon. 

Mixing Bowls

Different sizes and shapes of mixing bowls are also very essential tools for baking. You will need 2 or 3 bowls for many recipes to mix the wet and dry ingredients together. Your baking kitchen is incomplete if you do not invest in different sizes of mixing bowls. Get deeper bowls as you will need a deeper space so that your hand blenders can enter easily. 

Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is also an important baking tool if you want to bake pastries and play with fondant dough. It is a unique baking tool that helps you shape your doughs or fondants or crusts. You can get wooden, steel or silicone rolling pins. Buy those with easy to hold handles and those that can be cleaned easily. You even get some with unique embossed patterns to give a shape and design to your dough.

Silicone Spatula

A silicone spatula is heat-resistant. It not only helps you scrape off the batter from all corners but also ensures that you empty your bowls completely to get zero wastage. Silicone ones are easy to clean and do not encourage mold or bacteria growth. Silicone spatulas also do not retain odors and are generally dishwasher safe.

These are some of the most-needed cupcake baking tools to invest in.

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