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Let The Joy Of Baking Fruit Cake Roll Right Along

joy of baking fruit cake

Without a good quality holiday fruit cake recipe, you could well have a poorly made fruit cake on your hand! To prevent that, make sure you check out this sweet, moist, but firm fruit cake recipe that your friends and family will thoroughly enjoy. This particular recipe is not only moist, but it has a tangy flavor to it, as well as a pleasant sweet taste. It is easy to make and the recipes listed here are guaranteed to please each and every person in your family.

Joy Of Baking Fruit Cake

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

Particular Fruit Cake Recipe

A piece of cake on a plate

This particular fruit cake recipe is a little more complicated than some other recipes for fruit cakes, but it is very worth the extra effort. The key to making a good holiday cake is using the freshest and highest quality ingredients that you can. Sometimes, people will settle for lower quality ingredients just so they can cut down on the amount of time it will take to bake a cake. You do not have to do this with this great fruit recipe.

Take The Basic Ingredients And Combine Them:

Two cups of all purpose flour Two cups of sugar One tablespoon of cinnamon A pinch of salt A few drops of vanilla extract You will also need: One or two cup of canned fruit, such as peaches or strawberries A good pinch of baking powder A good measuring spoon The first step is to beat the flour and sugar together for about three minutes. Once this is done, you will add the cinnamon to the mixture. Next, you will add the salt and vanilla. Let the batter rest for about five minutes so that the ingredients can ‘melt’ into each other.

Prepare The Filling:

Bring a large saucepan to heat. Fill the pan with at least two inches of water so that the pan does not dry out completely. You do not want your fruit mixture to be too thick. Add your wet ingredients and stir them together until they are blended.

Once the ingredients are blended, remove the cakes from the oven and let them cool on a wire rack. Once they have cooled, test to make sure that they are properly coated with the cake coating. If you find any trouble, clean the cakes with a knife or other small tool to make sure that no food particles were left behind.

Baking Fruit Cakes Can Be A Very Fun Experience

Baking fruit cakes can be a very fun experience, especially if you have kids. When you see their faces when they see the finished product, it will become obvious what a great contribution the mother and daughter team had in helping create this special cake. With more parents involved in the process, the quality of recipes is getting better every year. Try a fruit cake today and see for yourself how easy and delicious it can be to make fruit cakes for your next special occasion.

There are so many varieties of fruit in season at this time that you are bound to find a flavor combination that everyone will love. The key is to experiment a little to find out what combinations you like best. You may find a recipe that you really like and think that others will too. You can modify the original recipe a bit and that will also produce a great new flavor combination. Fruit cake recipes can quickly take on a whole new dimension if you have fun with it. When you take a moment to let your imagination go, the possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts

It is important to note that although fruit is a natural sweetener, it is also high in calories. Check the calorie content before baking fruit cakes to make sure that there are no added sugar or fats in the recipe. Many recipes call for eggs or butter but the healthier alternative is to use a yogurt-based spreadable icing. Another option is to purchase fruit patties and place them on the cake as frosting. Another great thing about fruit cakes is that they are naturally sweet, unlike cakes that contain artificial ingredients that can make them taste bland. Enjoy your new experience of baking fruit cakes and having fun with it!

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