How to Make an Egg in Cupcake Pan -

How to Make an Egg in Cupcake Pan

baking eggs in cupcake pan

If you are looking for an easy way to make a cake that tastes like it was baked right in your own kitchen, then consider baking eggs in a cupcake pan. This method of making cakes is not difficult. All it involves is a hot wok, a cupcake pan and your eggs. However, if you do not have a hot wok, no problem. You can use any type of non-stick frying pan or skillet to heat your cupcakes.

Preheat Your Pan

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In fact, it is very important to preheat your pan before beginning your baking adventure. You want to ensure your cooking oil or shortening is at the correct temperature. If not, your pan will overheat very quickly. Once your pan is heated up, you can begin cooking. Just watch your egg whites to see when they are done. You may also want to heat your oven. This may sound strange, but if you have an oven thermometer, you will know if your oven is ready or not. I do not recommend cooking your cake directly on a hot plate. The reason I say this is that the cake will rise as it cooks. It may seem like your cake is baking, but it is still being cooked by the heat of the plate.

Boil The Egg Yolk

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Some people like to let their egg whites boil longer so that they can develop more egg yolks. These egg whites are very delicate. They tend to run out of liquid before they are cooked completely. If your pan has an indicator that lets you know when the whites are done, you can leave the stovetop cooking until this indicator goes off. The last thing you want to do is overcook the egg whites. When this happens, the yolks tend to curdle. One way to know when your egg has finished baking is to look at the underside of the yolk. When you see an opaque white, this means that the egg has finished cooking. When there is a green or tan coloured bottom, this is when the egg was overdone. Add another egg, if you prefer an even bake. If you have a natural aversion to fats, this is the way to go.

Make Nonstick Coating

Another way to ensure success is to preheat your cupcake pan. Check the box or package to be sure it tells you how long you should preheat your pan. I would stay away from preheated pans or ones that are not made with a nonstick coating. This will reduce your success rate significantly.

Add Cream Cheese

You do not want your cupcakes to end up too dense since you will be adding cream cheese and other dessert ingredients to them. To avoid problems such as this, bake your cupcakes on a hot griddle or baking stone. If you are worried about burning your food, you can put a sheet of wax paper on the pan before baking your cupcakes. This will prevent the bottom of the pan from burning.

Add Edible Dust Or Butter

If you are using a traditional 9-inch round cake pan, then your baking time will be about one hour fifty minutes. If you use a silicone egg tray, then your baking time will be about one hour twenty minutes. For smaller cakes, you can bake your cupcakes as usual, but once they are done, allow them to cool completely before frosting. Frost the cupcakes with some edible dust or butter. You can place these cupcakes back into their original pans or store them in the refrigerator for up to several weeks.

Wrapped In A Plastic Bag

If you find that your cupcakes have cooled too much, then you can remove them from the oven. Otherwise, if you are planning to serve them right after baking, then you need to let them cool down at room temperature for about an hour. You can also wrap the pan in a plastic bag or a plastic wrapper to keep the cupcakes from being so wet that they are difficult to frost.

Separate The Yolk

After baking your eggs, you might find that they are not as done as you would like them to be. If this is the case, then you should run a knife under the yoke to loosen the egg whites. Once you have loosened the whites, you can separate them from the yolk by sliding the knife under the yoke again. Then, you can scrape off the hard shell using a non-stick knife to help you spread the yolk over the baked cake.

Wrapping Up

Baking your cupcakes is quite simple. All you need is to have the right pan, some baking powder, some oil, and your eggs, which you can buy at your local grocery store. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can make some wonderful cupcakes that will absolutely taste and look great. Just wait until you see them on your sweetie’s face!

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