Can Baking Improve Mental Health? -

Can Baking Improve Mental Health?

In recent years, depression and other mental problems have shown a sudden increase. Moreover, research shows that every sixth female and eighth male experience depression. There are some symptoms for the depression disorder. It includes bad mood, feeling sad and alone. The experiencing of these symptoms for more than two weeks confirm the disorder. However, baking is a simple and easy way to improve your mental health and prevent depression. In this article, we describe how you can use cooking or baking to improve mental health.

Can Baking Improve Mental Health?
Can Baking Improve Mental Health?

Baking To Improve Mental Health

Marian Keyes found that baking helps her during the depression. She shared her experience in the book named Saved By the Cake. She said that she baked a cake for the birthday of her friend. When they enjoyed the cake, it inspired her to bake more for them. Moreover, she said that baking didn’t cure her, but it helps her to go through. According to her, cooking makes her concentrate on one task at one time. It includes weighing of sugar, mixing butter and other ingredients, etc. Hence, it makes you remove the additional stress from the mind. And the result is the delicious cake seems terrific.

There are other plenty of pieces of evidence to prove this fact. Merry Berry said the kneading could help when you feel a bit down. Whaite also prevents his depression by using baking therapy. He describes the activity as a meditative activity. According to him, it is making constructive with some destructive things. In the end, you have something to show off and eat.

There is no scientific research that proves that baking cures depression. Yet it helps many people to feel better and tackle the disorder. When you bake, you are immersed in a moment. Therefore, you forget about all the worries. Moreover, you feel highly satisfied when you cook something to eat. Hence, it can be a great way to get a good mood.

Moreover, you can share the dishes with your colleagues. It helps you to develop strong social connections. There is very less chance of getting depression for a person having good social relations.

Can Baking Improve Mental Health?
Can Baking Improve Mental Health?

Bake For Your Health

Baking is good for mental and emotional health. However, it doesn’t mean to eat all that you bake. It can even negatively affect your health. Therefore, look for some healthy recipes to consume.

Since it is an essential fact that a healthy diet, like fresh fruits and vegetables, reduce the risk of depression. The experts recommend baking small size desserts so that you can consume them comfortably. You can add low-fat dairy products and a portion of fruits and vegetables to make recipes healthier.

Moreover, the relation between mental health and baking lead to various initiatives in different countries. One of the famous examples is depressed cake shops in the UK. These shops sell the cakes created by the amateurs having a depression problem. Then, they use profits to help mental charities. You can also combine some other activities along with baking for faster recovery. It can be music, meditation, or exercise.

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