Cake Baking From Scratch: Some Useful Tips

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Baking is an excellent stress-buster. Baking a cake gives you immense pleasure. However, cake baking from scratch needs some proper measures.

If you go wrong, then the outcome will not be as good as you expected. Thus, you need to know the crucial points. If you are a novice in this field of baking, then these tips will help you a lot.

Cake Baking From Scratch: Some Useful Tips
Cake Baking From Scratch: Some Useful Tips

Cake Baking From Scratch – 8 Tips

Use Of Ingredients

The use of the ingredients should always be as per the recipe. If the recipe says you need to use 2 cups, make sure it is perfect. A few spoons more or less can spoil the recipe. For instance, extra flour can make your cake dense, whereas less flour will make it sink.

Ingredients Should Be At Proper Temperature

Some essential elements of cake, like butter and eggs, should be at room temperature. If you use butter direct from the fridge, it will not mix well with the sugar and ump will occur. Similarly, if the egg is not room temperature, then it will not mix well with other ingredients. As a result, you will get curdled batter. Always use powdered sugar or fine-grained sugar. The sugar having coarse grains takes a long time to mix. In most of the cases, the grain form persists in the batter.

Over And Under Mixing

It might confuse you, especially the beginners. You might think about how to understand if the mixing is proper or not. Well, for that, it is good to use a kitchen timer. Fix the time as per the recipe. No mistake will occur then.

Mixing Of Wet And Dry Ingredients

Mix the wet and dry ingredients alternatively all the time. If you have started with dry item, then you should end with dry ingredients. This way, the mixing of all the components will be perfect. And stir them continuously so that the cake batter is smooth and without any lump.

Cake Baking From Scratch: Some Useful Tips
Cake Baking From Scratch: Some Useful Tips

Cake Baking From Scratch – Check Oven Temperature

Always bake the cake at the right temperature and for the proper duration as mentioned in the recipe. Changing any of them can spoil your cake. Preheating the oven is necessary. It is wise to buy an oven thermometer to keep everything perfect. And believe me, it is worth, especially if you bake almost every day. But if you do not have one, then note the temperature and bake accordingly.

Preparing The Cake Pan

Use an excellent quality cake pan and spray it well with the cooking spray first. Then cover the sides as well as the bottom of the pan with the baking paper. Some people do not include the side. But refrain from making this mistake as it affects the rise of cake.

During Baking, Do Not Open The Door Of Oven

Some people think that they will check the cake while baking. That is why they open the oven the door, which in turn makes the cake sink. So, let it bake for the time, as mentioned in the recipe. When it is done, you will get a pleasant smell. After that, open the oven door and take your cake out.

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