Birthday Party Ideas - Uses Cake Pops To Add Personalized Touch -

Birthday Party Ideas – Uses Cake Pops To Add Personalized Touch

cake pop baking pans

This party favor is a nostalgic touch for any birthday boy or girl, and can be a very fun activity for all ages. Here are some of our favorite ideas for cake pop baking pans.

One of our absolute favorite cake pops are those that are shaped like trucks and go on wheels. These cute treats are perfect for any child’s birthday party and can make terrific party favors for a boy. A great idea for a truck is to have the cake pops frosted with a different color for each year of age. For example, the cake pops for a boy could be yellow, for a girl could be pink, and for a third year, everything will be a solid color. This is a really fun way to give your guests a different treat each year. You can also find truck and cake pop frosting in many different themes, including cars, pirates, and sports related.

Little Works Of Art

A plate of food with a slice of cake on a table

Another great idea for cake pops is to decorate them as little works of art. Some people like to use stickers, others like to paint with pencils, and still others like to use paints and markers. The key here is to not overdo it. You don’t want to end up with something that is too cute, but you do not want the frosting to be too shiny. Just take it one step at a time and you should be fine.

There are also many edible gifts that are made just for cake pops. One of these treats is the goldfish bowl. These edible gifts are very cute and made just for cake pops, or to decorate a baby’s room with. There are several edible gift baskets available from suppliers 4 here. The best gifts are handmade and personalized.

The Goldfish Bowl

A close up of food

Another edible gift you could make yourself would be the goldfish bowl. All you have to do is get some yellow or goldfish food, some clear plastic cupcake pans (these are easy to find at your local grocery store), and some white paper. Start by making the bowl out of the food. Then, tape small pieces of the plastic onto the bottom of the goldfish bowl, so the bowl can stand on the table. Next, you simply fill the goldfish bowl with the food (not cake batter!)

Another fun idea is to turn them into cute keychains for your kids. Using these cookie cutters, they can make cute keychains that they can put on their wrist or neck. They can also make their own personal birthday cake pops that they can snack on when they get home from school. If you would like to make something really cool, why not create your own design and draw a butterfly on the cake. Use glitter to outline the butterfly and then paint it.


Finally, one more great idea for cake pops is to use fondant for your frosting. Fondant cake pops are so cute and easy to make that they will make your party food stand out from all the others. Simply melt some chocolate chips and then mix in a little melted fondant. You will not even know that you created your own personalized party treat. Now that you know all the cake decorating, creating your own birthday party ideas, and buying your own cake pops, you’re ready to start decorating your cake. Get the kids involved by letting them help you pick out the colors for the cake. Make sure that they get a great looking cake because that is what is going to keep their interest through the party! If you want to keep them coming back for more of the same, make it an easy and fun experience with personalized cake pops.

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