Baking Fish With Bread Crumbs is Easy and Great For Your Fish -

Baking Fish With Bread Crumbs is Easy and Great For Your Fish

baking fish with bread crumbs

Baking fish with bread crumbs seems like a fairly straightforward concept, right? Just coat it with flour and bake it. Wrong! Before you even get started, there are some important rules you need to follow.

First of all, when you use bread crumbs as a fish preparation tool, you should only use coarse grains such as wheat or oats. For example, you would not want to use rice flour. In fact, it is best to stay away from all grain-based flours.

An Overview

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This rule is extremely important. The bread crumbs will stick onto your fish, and there is a possibility that it could ruin the fish. Also, make sure that the fish is fully cooked before removing it from the heat. It is better for the health of the fish if it is baked on a hot grill, but this is not always possible. Therefore, do not bake the fish until it is completely done as cooked fish can easily be overcooked and unappetizing.

You will also find that you should not overheat your grill. When cooking fish, you want to keep it slightly moist at all times. This is especially true when using sauces or marinades. For best results, do not overheat your oven. Remove the fish from the oven once it has become halfway done.

When baking fish, the bread crumbs tend to stick to the outside of the fish. This causes the bread crumbs to prevent the fish from penetrating the bread properly. Therefore, it is important to avoid using too much bread crumbs. If you must use bread crumbs, you should make sure that each crumb is equal sized pieces. If they are not equal, your recipe will most likely result in an undercooked fish dish. It will not taste its best.

Baking Fish With Bread Crumbs

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The next step in cooking fish is to remove the gills and the anal fin. The gills are found on the top of the fish and help hold the breath for the fish during cooking. The anal fin acts as a fin on the side of the fish to help propel the fish through the water. These parts should be removed before you begin to bake the fish. As you gather the bread crumbs, be careful to not get them on the sensitive parts of the fish as this can cause unnecessary pain.

Once the fish is cooked to your liking, you can serve it with a dipping sauce of your choice. Some people prefer butter and others like mayonnaise. A popular recipe uses sour cream to dip fresh bread crumbs in. You can add the bread crumbs to the fish when it is finished baking to get the best results.

Baking fish with bread crumbs is a quick and easy way to prepare this fish for a dinner party or a tailgate party at your favorite field. The meal does not have to be a big one, just enough to tide someone over until the next meal. Be sure to let each person put a piece of bread crumbs on their fish before they start eating. This will prevent the fish from looking unappetizing in the process.

For a tailgate party, it is best to bake the fish directly after you pull it out of the refrigerator. When it is nice and cold, you can place the fish on skewers and serve it while it bakes. It is also good to serve it right after cleaning it, removing any bread crumbs that may be on it. The fish will taste better this way. The aroma from the baking will carry over into the room, bringing back old memories of home made cooking with bread crumbs.

If you plan on making fried fish, consider using bread crumbs to coat the fish before frying it. Breadcrumbs do not stick to fish, as many people are afraid of. When you fry fish with bread crumbs, they stick to the surface and give the fish a golden brown color. This gives the fish a very good flavor, similar to deep-fried.

Bottom Line

Baking fish with bread crumbs is easy to do, and the taste is great. Just take the fish out of the refrigerator and break it into pieces. Spread a thin even layer of bread crumbs over each piece. Next, coat the pieces with more bread crumbs if you need to. Leave the coating on for about an hour before grilling.

When you are ready to cook the fish, remove it from the baking dish and place on a hot grill. Brush the grill with oil, if you want the bread crumbs to stick to the grill. Cook the fish in the hot grill for about two hours, turning it once half way through. Remove the fish from the grill and set aside. Wait another half hour, and then pull the fish from the grill. It will be ready to serve.

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