Baking Bread Temperature- Tips To Make It Perfect - Baking Bread Temperature- Tips To Make It Perfect -

Baking Bread Temperature- Tips To Make It Perfect

baking bread temperature

Do you love to have bread every day, and yet you are tired of buying it on a regular basis? Then you would want to try your hands in making the bread perfect. Have you ever wondered how your grandma used to make bread that would be so fluffy and soft? Feel like listening to her secrets? Here is everything that you need to know about baking bread temperature and other tips. Now you can become locally famous in the dimension of baking the bread, and you will relish making it as well. Here are all the tips that you need to implement.

Use Less Flour

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When you are putting the bread dough in the pan, it should be very sticky. Otherwise, the result will not be fluffy. The heat should be able to absorb the stickiness, which is why it will rise first. It will be very tempting to make the dough smooth and elastic- but most people make this mistake. The smoothness will make the bread very heavy, and you should start kneading it in small portions. Do not let the dough stick to your hands, and the amount of Flour you need will be less than what everyone says to use.

Knead With Your Hands Wet-Baking Bread Temperature

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Try to do it once with dry hands and then with wet hands. You will be able to feel the difference right away. The wet hands will prevent the dough from sticking to your hands, and it will be comfortable to knead as well.

Do Not Forget To Put Salt.

The small amount of salt that you put in will make all the difference and bring out the best taste. Salt will also activate the yeast and make the bread even more fluffy. Try to add about one teaspoon of salt for every loaf of bread but make sure that you do not overdo it.

Use The Baking Stone

If you want to increase the heat retention, then you should use a baking stone. It will add the crispiness of the great, and the bottom will be evenly brown. If you want to create artisan bread, then you would need to bake the loaves on the baking stone itself. Try to use bread pans, and it will eliminate all chances of the bread burning.

Create Some Steam In The Oven

This is one of the best methods of making artisan bread, and it is one of the best bread baking tips, that no one might have told you before. The baking bread temperature should be optimum so that you can create steam. You should put a small cast iron or even pour some boiling water into the frying pan. This will help in baking the bread in an even manner, and you can even experiment with your oven.

The Crust Texture Should Be Good-Baking Bread Temperature

It is good to brush the loaves of bread with butter as well as water so that you can finish the baking in a perfect manner.


These are some of the perfect strategies so that you can bring out the bread in the perfect manner. Do not forget to preheat the oven and wear mittens so that your hand doesn’t get burnt.

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