Baking Bread In Clay Pots- Its Incredibly Easy -

Baking Bread In Clay Pots- Its Incredibly Easy

baking bread in clay pots

Most people like to bake bread at home, and mostly they do it in the oven. But it is going to be even tastier if you start baking bread in clay pots. Most vintage artisans know how to create the bread loaf in the clay pots and pans so that there is no electricity consumption. According to the best companies, clay pots can produce the perfect kind of bread crust, and there are various steps and techniques to do the same. Now it is time for you to indulge in the clay pots so that you can find the difference in the bread’s taste. 

Soaking The Pot

Baking Bread

If you want to remove the smell from the clay pots, you should be able to show the top and bottom of the pot for 15 minutes. Most of the experts recommend this step and make sure that you drain it dry. You should be able to prepare the clay pots and pans, and then you can prepare the dough of your choice.

Preparing The Dough

Baking Bread

Now you have to start preparing the do along with the ingredients of your own choice. You can add some dry fruits and nuts, and it is going to be an excellent option for breakfast and brunch. There is no problem if you do not want to knead, and you can even prepare it with the help of a dough maker. The best thing about the clay pot bread is that it is crafty on the outside and soft on the inside. Also, it will have an excellent aromatic flavor according to the vanilla essence that you add. It is easy to make and wholly Vegan and dairy-free. 

Ingredients To Use

You do not need a specialized kind of flour to make this bread, and it will give you consistent results even with all-purpose flour. To get the perfect texture, you have to sieve it so that there are no fine dust or dirt particles. The first rising yeast will give a fantastic texture to the bread, and the flavors will be unique. An acceptable amount of salt will be the best addition to the recipe, and ordinary tap water will work fine. 


You have to soak the yeast the previous night, but make sure that you do it in a large container. Keep On adding the salt and flour while stirring it now and then. It should be allowed to stay and rise for about 18 hours. Then you can transfer the dough to a glass bowl, and it should be allowed to rest for 1 hour after putting a bit of flour on it. Now you have to feel in the sink with the help of lukewarm water and soak the clay pot for 15 minutes. Put the two inside the clay pot, and it should be put in the oven. Preheat the entire oven to 425 degrees and bake the bread for 30 minutes. 


Once you get the taste of clay pot bread, you would not want to make it in the conventional oven. It has an addictive flavor and aroma, and you can get a lot of appreciation from your friends and family. 

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