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sallys baking addiction chocolate cake

Chocolate cakes are generally everybody’s favorite, isn’t it? The aroma of chocolate with its fabulous flavor and texture adds a magical taste that mesmerizes the person having it. If you are not fond of eating chocolate cake, then you must try out our recipe. I can assure you that this chocolate cake will become your favorite too. Baking chocolate cake is a super easy recipe, and you don’t have to put in any extra effort. It requires some of the basic and simple ingredients and the crucial part in the whole process in mixing it all well. Let’s take you to the delicious sally’s baking addiction chocolate cake recipe.

What Are Sally Baking Addiction Chocolate Cake Ingredients?

Triple Chocolate

● All-purpose flour – Make sure you don’t use cake flour with ultra-light cocoa powder.

● Unsweetened natural cocoa powder – Avoid using dutch – process cocoa powder.

● Baking soda or powder – you have to use both baking soda and powder.

● Slat – salt balances the flavor.

● Espresso Powder – It is an optional ingredient but, I would recommend you to add this as it enhances the chocolate flavor.

● Oil – Don’t use butter in the cake batter because cocoa powder dries the ingredients as it needs oil for suitable moisture.

● Eggs – Utilize two room-temperature eggs.

● Buttermilk – The chocolate cake needs moisture and acidity from the buttermilk.

● Vanilla Extract – Vanilla extract is necessary to add a flavor.

● Hot coffee or water – warm liquid helps in enhancing the cocoa powder flavor in your cake.

How To Make Chocolate Cake?

Triple Chocolate

Baking a chocolate cake is such an easy recipe. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and the wet ingredients in another bowl. Then add the coffee and mix it well. The whole trick of the cake is to mix it well and come out with a nice cake batter and put it in the oven, and cook it well. Also, don’t forget to add the ingredients in an adequate quantity; otherwise, your efforts will go to waste, and your cake will not be so delicious or will not be so good in taste.

Your chocolate cake must be like – 

● Extremely moist

● Layer it as per your choice, two layers, three layers, or as a sheet cake.

● It should be soft with a velvety crumb

● Filled with chocolate flavor

● Entirely covered with chocolate creamy texture and buttercream


Sally’s baking addiction to chocolate cake is not so challenging. You can easily get into the recipe mentioned above, follow each step adequately, and put all the ingredients in the correct manner and quantity. That’s all; you’ll end up baking a fantastic, very delicious, and yummy cake in front of you. Yes, you can make it on your own, in your kitchen itself. Now, the only thing left is to have a bite and enjoy your yummy triple chocolate cake.

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