3 Unique Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Baking Addiction

sallys baking addiction strawberry cake

If you love baking and want to spend some time in the kitchen, then this book for sure will meet your needs. This cookbook will teach you how to make a delightful and delectable dessert in just an hour or so. It will also teach you the three things you need to know when making any type of cake.

Past Versions Of This Strawberry Cake Recipe

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If you have made past versions of this strawberry cake recipe before, you know how it tastes. It has a delicate flavor, rich and creamy. The flavor comes from the fresh strawberries, rum, white rum, and dulce de leche that is added to the batter. It is a thick and rich sponge.

The ingredients used for this recipe are just what you would use if you were to make this type of cake. You will need the same basic ingredients. However, you will not have to substitute anything. You can add other types of berries, or chocolate chips, or anything else to the batter that you feel like putting in there. If you want to, you can even use non-flavored whipped topping.

There are three ways to decorate this strawberry cake. You can do a simple thing and paint the outside with red icing. You can also add a different flavor to the icing. This cake may have ribbons on it or not. If it does not have any, you can make your own by using a good dessert decorating recipe.

You will need to bake the cake in layers. It is easier if you bake it in pans that are large so that you do not have to handle each piece separately. Then, once the cake is done baking you can put it on a cooling rack. You can then begin decorating. Keep in mind that if you are going to do fancier designs you may need to work from top to bottom, or you may need to braid some of the work, such as the icing, around the pan.

To make a strawberry shortcake, you will want to use brown sugar, butter, and strawberries. You will also want to mix in the flaxseed oil. In order to give the cake a nice texture, you will need to blend all of these things together first. Then you will just put the finished product onto a cooling rack and wait for it to finish cooking. When it is ready you can frost it with some edible pink frosting.

The second way to prepare this tasty cake is to use fresh strawberries instead of using brown berries. Using strawberries gives the cake a nice pink color, rather than the typical brown color of most strawberries. You will want to mix the dry strawberries with the rest of the dry ingredients before baking. After the cake has finished baking you can add the strawberries to the batter. The batter will thicken a bit and give it a nice bowl of fruit flavors.

Final Words

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These are three great birthday cake ideas that you can create for Sally’s Baking Addiction: Strawberry Cake. There are plenty of great recipes available online, and if you have a lot of time on your hands you can even find your own handcrafted cakes made with the strawberry icing. She makes a special addition to her cakes because she adds a special surprise to each one. Each one is different, and she can bake them all in the same day if she feels like doing so. Make sure you stop in today and check out what Sally has to offer!

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